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Directed by David Fincher

Cinematography by Harris Savides

I’m going to try to make these screengrab posts a regular thing (partly because I keep getting inspired by jordiecolorsthings). My goal is try and get shots that show off the cinematography, important narrative points, and give an indication of the tone/style of the film. We’ll see if I succeed. Today it’s another favorite movie, Zodiac. A lot of people weren’t fans of the cinematography/color grading in this and I don’t understand why. It looks phenomenal, especially with its use of shadows.

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    Man, Fincher controls shadows like they’re another actor on the screen. Go back and watch Social Network and pay...
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  5. whoajordie said: No no. I have always loved this movie. I thought this film was stunning. And soon, soon I will have a David Fincher palette week. (yellow, blue, green)
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